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We’re glad you found our little corner of the internet! Something tells us that if you’re roaming this website it’s because you can feel there’s a very big change in the air. We call it a “Cosmic Shift” because right now all of humanity is moving into the Next Age of our calling and relationship with God. Believe or not, you are right in the middle of an astronomical transition this very moment! That brings with it a lot of changes, and the two of us have felt the call to explore this arriving Next Age with all of its new growth and challenges. We think of ourselves as transitionary missionaries; and, maybe you do too. Or, you might just be interested in some of the topics here like experiencing the heavenly realms or connecting with the angels all around you. No matter what brought you here, it’s our hope that these pages will point you to who you really are: created in God’s image and alive for such a time as this. We created this space to keep ourselves – and you – reminded of that calling.


Take a look around the site. Drop us a line. Ask a question. Be a part of the transition in whatever way you are called to do. We will be here to help however we can.


Christopher and Melissa Carter

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