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This is the special edition of Cosmic Journey, printed in a hardcover so that it will last for years to come. A poster of the Mazzaroth signs and correct dates is also included in this special edition.


Christopher Paul Carter takes you on an illustrated journey through myth, history, Biblical scripture, and our modern scientific understanding so that you can see the stars and planets from a new, holistic perspective. Your journey will begin with an understanding of myth from a Biblical perspective, followed by a tour through the zodiac constellations (also known as the Mazzaroth in the Bible), and ends with an introduction to each of the planets in our solar system. In every section you'll find a melding of our modern perspectives with the more spiritual understandings of our ancestors. In order to reimagine these heavenly objects as more than just material things, artists have provided illustrations that will encourage you to see each part of the heavens as alive, full of meaning, and even expressing personality.

Attention is given to what the zodiac signs (or Mazzaroth) actually mean, which is often very different than our current presumptions. In addition, the author explains why a connection with the Mazzaroth could be a God-given blessing in our lives. The planets are presented in the same manner, both as astronomical objects and as spiritual realities that have their own rich meanings. The beautiful illustrations adorning each section are designed for this very purpose, to point towards the rich meanings and spiritual personalities that God intended for us to find in each part of the heavens.

Cosmic Journey Special Edition Hardcover Book

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