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You should read these books. They're really good!

Cosmic Shift

A New Season of Faith

This book delves into the stars, their meaning, and how they communicate a massive transition in our spiritual life and practices. The old age is passing away, and a new one is dawning this very moment. While the term, "new age" has been around for a while, this book will define what a new age really means from a Biblical and experiential perspective. Historically, these cosmic shifts have brought a drastic restructuring of our spiritual life and practice. They have even ushered in new understandings of the nature of God and Man. This book will challenge both Christians and New Age adherents to reevaluate the future of their beliefs.


Caught Up In The Spirit

Starting with a Holy Spirit encounter about the Old Testament saint, Enoch, author Chris Carter shares the encouraging - even astounding - news about the limitless access we have into God's presence and glory. Through teachings, experiences, dreams, and visions, the author reveals how the Lord's goodness and His glory are going to transform our apathetic Christian experience and prepare us for Jesus' return. Despite the opposition of demonic powers and a complacent life, the Holy Spirit will bring us into an intimacy with the Godhead that leads us down the same path as Enoch.


In the Palaces of Heaven

Heaven. It is a Biblical promise that inspires awe and wonder, but one that seems unknowable until you leave this earth and your temporal body behind. But what if you could experience heaven now? What if you were meant to do it now? What if you could follow in the footsteps of Biblical examples like Enoch, Elijah, John, and Paul - all of whom experienced the heavenly realms firsthand? The truth is, God has made a way for us to experience and live in the realm that Jesus Himself ascended to after His resurrection. It is not off-limits. In fact, there is an open invitation. In this book, author Christopher Paul Carter shares his own heavenly journey. It wasn't a one-time event or a near-death experience. Rather, it was an introduction into an ongoing life in the heavenly places. There's no need to wait, the doors to heaven are open now, and God is inviting you in.


Celtic Spirituality

Sure to be of exceptional interest among scholars as well as recreational readers is this latest volume in the esteemed Classics of Western Spirituality™ series. Celtic Spirituality offers translations of numerous texts from the Celtic tradition from the 6th through the 13th centuries, in a cross-section of genres and forms, including saints' lives, monastic texts, poetry, devotional texts, liturgical texts, apocrypha, exegetical texts, and theological treatises.


Saving the Appearances

Saving the Appearances is about the world as we see it and the world as it is; it is about God, human nature, and consciousness. The best known of numerous books by the British sage whom C.S. Lewis called the "wisest and best of my unofficial teachers," it draws on sources from mythology, philosophy, history, literature, theology, and science to chronicle the evolution of human thought from Moses and Aristotle to Galileo and Keats. Barfield urges his readers to do away with the assumption that the relationship between people and their environment is static. He dares us to end our exploitation of the natural world and to acknowledge, even revel in, our participation in the diurnal creative process

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